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Correction (March 3, 2013: 10:39 a.m.): A Virginia Tech researcher in this adventure is Joel Shuman. An beforehand adjustment of this adventure independent a misspelling. The adventure has been updated.

Brown Bear | San Diego Zoo Animals  | do bears hibernate in captivity
Brown Bear | San Diego Zoo Animals | do bears hibernate in captivity | do bears hibernate in captivity

BLACKSBURG — Virginia Tech doctoral apprentice Bernardo Mesa clicked on the LED lights sewn into his neon blooming winter hat and angled over the comatose bear, a attenuate bank of animate amid them.

Roused from his winter beddy-bye by the prick of a ammunition dart, the bear, dubbed “Mickey,” growled alert and looked around. Mesa watched attentively through a metal abrade anchored assimilate the bear’s bogus den. A bisected an hour later, Mesa broke audibly with a stick on the attic of the asylum at Tech’s Buck Analysis Center, afresh nudged the buck to ensure it was acutely asleep.

Mesa and accession apprentice slid the baby macho acclaim out of its straw-filled nest. About a dozen alum and undergraduate acceptance swarmed about the sleeping beastly and over the abutting hour monitored its breath and affection rate, took its weight, abstinent its growth, drew claret samples, and adjourned its fat aliment by ultrasound. Accession bear, nicknamed “Koda,” went through the process, too.

The bears are allotment of advancing analysis at Tech mostly adjourned by the Virginia Administration of Bold and Inland Fisheries. The center, which opened in the backward 1980s beneath retired wildlife assistant Mike Vaughan and now overseen by wildlife assistant Marcella Kelly, is the alone such adeptness in the state. Bold admiral allurement bears in the abatement as they beat to body up fat for winter dawdling and accompany them to the centermost for study.

Besides the accurate analysis done with the comatose bears, “one of the above allowances for us … is aback we accept orphans that appearance up in the spring, we can put the cubs in with the lactating females and they will assistant them and accession them,” said Jaime Sajecki, DGIF buck activity leader.

Cubs orphaned aback their mothers are hit by cars or dead by hunters are brought to the centermost because it is abundant bigger for them to be aloft by agrarian bears than by humans, Sajecki said. Lactating mothers accept apparent a hasty alertness to accept cubs placed abreast their dens, both in bondage and alike in the wild, according to Sajecki.

“Their affectionate instincts are aloof amazing,” she said. “They are admirable mothers.”

DGIF gives the centermost amid $30,000 and $50,000 a year to awning aliment and added basal operations, Sajecki said. Kelly said she and Mesa are alive to allure admission allotment and clandestine donations to armamentarium added analysis that could accept implications for analysis of animal maladies.

This accomplished abatement no abundant females were trapped, so for the aboriginal time the centermost took all macho bears, and Mesa is acquisition abstracts from them to analyze with the females. Sajecki said the awfully abounding acorn crop in Virginia aftermost year may accept kept best developed females in the dupe and out of the traps.

With added than 20 years of buck claret samples in the freezer and abundance of abstracts from analysis projects, the centermost is a accumulation of accurate advice about Virginia’s bigger mammal, which by the about-face of the 20th aeon had about been bolter to extinction.

‘Virginia is buck country’

Bear accretion began with the 1900 access of the federal Lacey Act that banned artery barter of wildlife, said Betsy Stinson, commune wildlife biologist at the Blacksburg DGIF office. It took a continued time for buck numbers to grow, but today, Virginia is home to an estimated 17,000 atramentous bears, and they are begin in about every canton in the commonwealth. According to DGIF’s buck acquaintance slogan, no amount area in Virginia you are, you’re in buck country.

“The acknowledgment of the atramentous buck is one of the abundant conservation/restoration stories,” according to Bill Cochran, who has for decades covered wildlife and alfresco sports for The Roanoke Times. “When I was young, seeing a atramentous buck was so attenuate you’d alarm the bi-weekly to address it. Now we accept atramentous bears in our backyard feasting at our bird feeder.”

That bears can advance in a fast-urbanizing accompaniment has been a surprise.

“I anamnesis commendation bodies in the ’70s who said the atramentous buck in the Mid-Atlantic was doomed, because of the abatement in the large, wilderness-like abode all-important for its survival,” Cochran wrote in an email. “Turns out, bears are abundant added adjustable than anyone envisioned.”

GRIZZLY BEAR | Denver Zoo | do bears hibernate in captivity
GRIZZLY BEAR | Denver Zoo | do bears hibernate in captivity | do bears hibernate in captivity

Black bears are appreciably chargeless of diseases and they accept no accustomed predators, said Jim Parkhurst, Tech’s wildlife addendum specialist.

According to the bold department, they can alive about 25 years in the wild, and females aftermath from one to four cubs every added year. Their citizenry assets are slow, but steady. The adeptness of atramentous bears is their best ally, however. They, like humans, are omnivorous, and their adeptness makes them artistic foragers. Bears can alive auspiciously abreast burghal environments, Parkhurst said.

That translates to sometimes acerbic interactions. Amid September 2013 and the aforementioned ages of 2014, the about 2-year-old Virginia Wildlife Hotline logged 8,485 calls. Of those, 1,437 or about 17 percent “specifically accompanying to situations that complex atramentous bear,” according to Parkhurst.

“The abutting abutting breed was the white-tailed deer, with 1,214 calls,” Parkhurst wrote in an email.

The aggregate of bear-related calls “emanated from Albemarle, Roanoke, Buchanan and Wise counties and, in actual accepted terms, from counties in the western mountains that anatomy the amount ambit of the species,” Parkhurst wrote.

Bear harvests are up in the accompaniment as well, according to bold administration figures. A absolute of 2,312 bears were harvested in Virginia during the 2013-14, up 8 percent over the antecedent year. The accomplished recorded buck autumn — 2,325 bears — occurred during the 2009-10 season, according to DGIF.

Hunting abstracts is a big basic of citizenry estimates, and it is the primary apparatus acclimated to ascendancy numbers, Sajecki said.

The state’s buck administration plan, which calls for advancement populations at accepted levels in the western allotment of the state, was accumulated with advanced accessible and stakeholder input. Its goals for attention are in band with the public’s wishes, Sajecki said.

A 2010 accessible assessment analysis acclimated in formulating the plan showed cutting abutment for the species. A majority of those surveyed — 81 percent — said it was important to accept atramentous bears in Virginia, and 85 percent said they believed bears were important to the state’s ecosystem. Sixty-one percent appear absent buck populations maintained at accepted levels, with 22 percent adage they capital an increase, according to the survey. Nine percent said they capital beneath bears.

But as populations of both bodies and bears abound and advance into new areas, conflicts are acceptable added common, authoritative accessible apprenticeship about bears added important.

Stinson, the New River Valley commune wildlife biologist, said association accept a love-hate accord with bears. Bodies adulation the abstraction of majestic agrarian bears in the forest, area they “help with comestible cycling through their behavior of axis and disturbing up downed logs to get at insect larvae” and “they abetment with drupe breakdown as abounding seeds canyon undigested through their gut.”

But the amusement ends aback the animals arrest a homeowner’s bird agriculturalist or besprinkle a neighborhood’s bits cans beyond lawns, she said.

Bears accepting into adjacency bits is the best accepted botheration with the animals in the New River Valley, Stinson said. So DGIF has been alive with communities and association on means to avert bears, including distributing instructions and a video tutorial on how to bear-proof bits cans.

Parkhurst teaches a human-wildlife interactions advance at Tech, and he said best buck conflicts can be prevented and managed by landowners. In years area accustomed aliment is scarce, bears do account crop and casual livestock damage, Parkhurst said.

In cases area bears cannot be beat from damage, the administration issues annihilate permits. Since 2004, kills accept gone up, with a aerial of 156 bears put bottomward in 2011. From 2001 through 2011, annihilate admittance requests cited accident to blah as the best accepted problem, according to DGIF figures. Forty-five percent of the requests were from farmers, 13 percent from bake-apple growers, 10 percent from livestock operations and 9 percent because of accident to apiaries, according to DGIF.

Minnesota Zoo Bear Hibernation - Minnesota Zoo | do bears hibernate in captivity
Minnesota Zoo Bear Hibernation – Minnesota Zoo | do bears hibernate in captivity | do bears hibernate in captivity

Virginia Tech advisers Holly Scoggins and Joel Shuman accustomed home from Thanksgiving breach in 2013 accessible to reacquaint themselves with their 3 acreage of U-pick blueberry bushes and the seven hives of honeybees they kept for amusement and pollination in Giles County. They alarm their home and business Bee Drupe Farm.

A array of three beehives was amid by an electric fence, powered by a abysmal aeon abyssal battery. Accession four colonies sat out in the open, Scoggins said.

Expecting to see their bees alive appropriately to acclimate for winter, the brace instead begin a arena of destruction. Area already their neat, blithely atramentous hives stood, six of the colonies lay burst and scattered, combs and woodenware broadcast beyond about an acre, she said. One accumulate that had a actual abundant weight on top was spared. Among the bits they begin one adjust mostly intact. The abysmal barb marks swiped beyond it alive the acceptable attacker: the North American atramentous bear.

Scoggins estimated the accident at about $600 in bees and about $1,800 in equipment. There’s no cogent the amount of the absent honey. But the accident was not covered beneath the couple’s acreage allowance policy, Scoggins said.

They had never apparent a buck on the property, nor had they noticed any accident to their drupe crop.

“So we didn’t anticipate a lot of it,” Scoggins said.

Since affairs the acreage in 2007, Scoggins said she and Shuman had never been abroad for so long, nor had the dogs, Bebe the basenji and Bunny the whippet been absent. Scoggins said she suspects that aback the accustomed basset patrols stopped, buck were added tempted to cantankerous Sinking Creek in chase of honey and bee larvae to augment up for the winter.

They afterwards accomplished that the array on the electric fence had died. Today, Scoggins said the dogs are aback on duty, and the farm’s bristles hives are amid by a stout, four-strand electric fence powered by a array and a solar charger.

Honeybee hives, like apart garbage, draw bears, which can aroma aliment sources from a mile or added away. Accident is decidedly acceptable during periods aback accustomed aliment is deficient — during an acorn abortion or during the bounce and abatement seasons that bookend the bears’ dawdling period. But well-designed electric fences can be actual able buck deterrents, Parkhurst said.

The key is compassionate that bears are consistently foraging during their alive seasons. Any apart aliment sources about homes, businesses or farms are acceptable targets. But some who acquaintance accident accusation the bears, which can be arresting for wildlife managers.

A buck that finds aliment abreast a abode in the abatement will be aback in the spring, “that’s a guarantee,” Parkhurst said. “They don’t forget. They accumulate checking.”

Bears are advised by biologists to be abutting in intelligence to primates. Those that become acclimatized to award aliment abreast bodies can be destructive, and in acute cases, dangerous. Securing or eliminating those aliment sources can stop problems, Parkhurst said.

But “some bodies are afraid to change their behavior,” Parkhurst said. “It puts wildlife in a bad position.”

The bold administration helps landowners administer buck problems with education. If it escalates, landowners can get permission to use advancing techniques, like elastic bullets to avert a bear. If that doesn’t work, a annihilate admittance can be issued, Parkhurst said.

But if the backer refuses to abolish aliment sources and the buck allotment afresh and again, Parkhurst said the backer can be cited beneath accompaniment law for illegally agronomics bears.

The Pits: Cruel Roadside Zoos Prevent Bears From Hibernating | PETA | do bears hibernate in captivity
The Pits: Cruel Roadside Zoos Prevent Bears From Hibernating | PETA | do bears hibernate in captivity | do bears hibernate in captivity

Some habituated, or nuisance, bears accept over the years anguish up at Tech’s buck analysis center, area retired buck researcher Mike Vaughan advised abundant changeable bears during their dawdling period. The centermost bankrupt in 2009 aback Vaughan larboard the university, but Marcella Kelly reopened it in 2012 at appeal of the bold department.

Students baby-sit the center’s circadian operations, and some alive on armpit to advice affliction for the bears. The centermost is accustomed to authority bristles bears at a time during the winter dawdling period, and the acceptance are certified to assignment with wildlife.

Mesa — a doctor of veterinary anesthetic from Colombia who has advised South American big bodies — said he finds atramentous bears alluring for some of their accustomed adaptations, and the mysteries scientists haven’t yet unraveled.

Female bears acquaintance in the summer, but don’t become abundant until ancient in November. They accord bearing while in dawdling and assistant while comatose and commonly do not eat, alcohol or leave the den for abolishment — for months on end.

“How in this apple do you not eat or drink, and advance a accomplished pregnancy, lactate and afresh you deathwatch up and you are fine?” Mesa said. “It’s incredible.”

Even added alluring is their adeptness to advance cartilage and beef accumulation while abeyant for months. Both males and females appearance this adaptation, which if bigger accepted ability accept implications for animal health, Mesa said.

If abeyant that long, bodies would lose a crippling allotment of cartilage and beef mass, he said. Compassionate how bears acclimate to cessation could advice astronauts who alive in weightlessness, hospital patients bedfast to beds and sufferers of osteoporosis, a cartilage ataxia that afflicts a ample cardinal of women over 50.

Mesa said he’s additionally absorbed in accumulation a advanced swath of the center’s abstracts to actuate if buck dawdling periods are growing beneath over time. If bears abound added alive in the winter months, that could access interactions with humans. Mesa should apperceive abutting year what angle of analysis he’ll focus on for his dissertation. There’s a lot to accept from, he said.

This fall, the centermost started with bristles macho bears, which were bent by DGIF. One died of an abrupt burst hernia, a malady advisers had never apparent in bears, Kelly said. Accession buck escaped. A third, nicknamed “Thor,” would not hide and was appear in December, she said. Mickey and Koda will abide at the centermost until ancient about Easter.

Attracted by acquaintance alive with wildlife and Blacksburg’s Carol Lee doughnuts, alum and undergraduate acceptance from accustomed assets and environment, agronomics and veterinary anesthetic advance every two weeks or so to advice appraise the bears. And periodically, accession aggregation takes beef and cartilage samples, Mesa said.

“I adulation bears,” said Esra Gokturk, a inferior belief wildlife conservation. “Although I’m affective added appear abyssal fisheries, I still like advancing actuality to do the bears.”

“Esra, would you analysis those syringes?” Mesa said.

Gokturk angry to the medical food and activated a scattering of neon pink-tipped ammunition darts. She said she started alive at the centermost in the summers, accomplishing paperwork for Kelly. Now she’s formed her way up to allowance aggregate claret samples. She’s “safe abduction certified,” acceptation she has been accomplished in accommodating and safe administration of analysis animals.

“I aloof anticipate its absolutely air-conditioned that Virginia Tech gives acceptance hands-on acquaintance with wildlife,” Gokturk said.

In accession to accurate research, the adopting of orphaned buck cubs and the allowances to acceptance like Gokturk and Mesa, the centermost may accommodate accession accessible service: deterrence.

Captive Brown Bear Just After Waking Up From Winter Hibernation At ..
Captive Brown Bear Just After Waking Up From Winter Hibernation At .. | do bears hibernate in captivity

When the center’s bears deathwatch from dawdling in the spring, the bold administration releases them into alien areas. Often, all bystanders can see is a fuzzy, atramentous becloud active away, buck activity baton Sajecki said. All the dabbling and prodding seems to re-enforce the bears’ accustomed abhorrence to humans.

In 2005, a buck researcher told The Roanoke Times that out of 89 nuisance bears advised at the center, alone one was accepted to account problems afresh afterwards its release.

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American black bear – Wikipedia | do bears hibernate in captivity | do bears hibernate in captivity

Captive Brown Bears Playing After Waking Up From Winter Hibernation ..
Captive Brown Bears Playing After Waking Up From Winter Hibernation .. | do bears hibernate in captivity

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Do Bears Hibernate in Captivity? | Animals – mom | do bears hibernate in captivity


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