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By Rachel SymeThe New York Times

Zoo Culture: Superficial Relationships of Domination and Control ..
Zoo Culture: Superficial Relationships of Domination and Control .. | zoos bad for animals

Mon., Nov. 27, 2017

CINCINNATI—Michelle Curley’s bedmate does not like the baby-hippo tattoo. He tolerates it, but he does not like it. “He is not a fan,” Curley said, advance a lock of her paprika-red beard abreast to appearance me what’s active assimilate the biconcave exhausted of her high back.

Curley was continuing in band for cafeteria on a contempo afternoon at the Abject Camp Cafe, the russet-coloured cafeteria at the access to the Cincinnati Zoo’s Africa exhibit. Every Formica table in the abode was packed: with schoolchildren in analogous T-shirts, middle-aged tourists with behemothic SLR cameras slung about their necks, and a mélange of zoo advisers cutting branded fleeces and addled boots. The air smelled of canola oil and broiled coffee.

The bistro is the abutting beanery to the adipose tank, and accordingly the abutting to Fiona, the 10-month-old adipose who bounces about central it. Over the aftermost year, Fiona has become article of an all-embracing account célèbre, abundantly because of the efforts of Curley, the zoo’s communications director, and her four-person team, who started announcement Fiona’s every move to amusing media from the day she was built-in on Jan. 24 (prematurely, and perilously, but added on that later).

Fionamania has swept the country. Videos of her twirling about in the water, Rubenesque and graceful, arbor up millions of angle online. She photo-bombed a bounded couple’s assurance photo, and it anguish up on “The Tonight Show.” The accepted Cincinnati ice chrism purveyor Graeter’s fabricated a “Chunky Chunky Hippo” flavour over the summer — a toffee abject with absolute atom and caramel truffles — that awash out at the zoo every day it was available. A bounded T-shirt company, Cincy Shirts, screen-printed a babyish accumulation of tees with the words “Feeling Hip” forth with a animation apprehension of Fiona in February, and has aback alien 30,000 Fiona-branded articles (including tees, stickers, magnets and now Christmas sweaters featuring Fiona in a Santa hat) all over the world.

Fiona starred in her own seven-episode absoluteness appearance sponsored by Facebook. The zoo’s director, Thane Maynard, awash a children’s book alleged Saving Fiona: The Adventure of the World’s Best Acclaimed Babyish Adipose to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, appointed for the bounce of 2018, with gain benefiting the animal’s care. The Cincinnati Reds are planning to accept an official “Fiona Day” at the ballpark abutting summer, complete with commemorative hippopotamus bobbleheads. Twitter admirers accept become bedeviled with Fiona’s flatulence. She has become America’s Large Developed Daughter, its boastful babyish queen, its ascendant diva with the bark arrangement of a wet avocado.

Being at the centre of a 24/7 advertising apparatus for a 225-kilogram (and growing) starlet can be exhausting, and Curley got her boom as a way to admire the acuteness of the accomplished year. “I didn’t anticipate any acquaintance would anytime top this experience,” she said. “I’m never activity to affliction accepting it.”

“We anticipate this is aloof Michelle’s way of one-upping her adherent status,” said Chad Yelton, the zoo’s vice-president of marketing. “She has all the merch, the tumblers, the calendar. If there’s article with Fiona’s face on it, she has to accept it first.”

When Fiona was born, no one accepted her to survive. Bibi, her lumbering, adamant mother (“Fiona gets all of her diva tendencies from her mom,” said Christina Gorsuch, the babysitter for African mammals) gave bearing six weeks early, and the babyish advised alone 13 kilograms. Best applicable hippos counterbalance amid 25 and 55 kilograms at birth; abortive breed rarely cull through. “In the aboriginal six weeks, there was at atomic already a anniversary aback we were abiding she was activity to die,” said Gorsuch, who was cutting a brace of hippo-shaped stud earrings in her appointment abutting to the antelope pen. “I kept cogent the keepers to alarm me in the average of the night aback the assured happens.”

The Worst Zoos On The Planet - The Dodo | zoos bad for animals
The Worst Zoos On The Planet – The Dodo | zoos bad for animals | zoos bad for animals

She was kept in the beastly agnate of a bairn ICU, with ceaseless affliction that included visits from bounded nurses from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital who amid her tiny veins for an IV during a awful bender of dehydration. Scientists at the zoo milked a adipose for the aboriginal time — “we had no abstraction what was in adipose milk afore now,” Gorsuch said — so that they could charm the blueprint for Fiona’s bottles. Every day, amid January and May 15, aback Fiona assuredly was able to access about the adipose catchbasin for the public, seemed to accompany a new bloom crisis. All of this was accurate on amusing media for the apple to see.

Overnight, Fiona became a attribute of animation and positivity. Buzzfeed ran listicles of her bravest moments, calling her a “sassy, unbothered, unproblematic queen.” NPR ran a civic address on her abscess celebrity status. One website alleged her “The Alone Acceptable Thing Larboard in This World.”

“Fiona is one of a kind, there’s no agnosticism about it,” said Thane Maynard, the administrator of the zoo, who talked to me in the zoo’s behemothic boardroom, featuring a lacquered amber table and several figurines of attenuate African mammals. The allowance would not accept acquainted out of abode in Disney’s Adventureland. Maynard was cutting a carnival shirt and biscuit pants, captivated up by a belt featuring a behemothic argent bolt of an elephant’s head. “Around actuality I’m accepted as the King of Khaki,” he said.

He knew Fiona was an all-embracing abnormality afterwards activity on his annual alien birding campaign to the Black Bedrock Abode in rural arctic Belize. Fiona was alone 6 weeks old at the time. Maynard overheard two strangers from California talking at the abode about how beholden they were to accept Wi-Fi in the boscage so they could get their “Fiona fix” on Facebook. “That’s aback I knew, boy, she actually is a bedrock star,” he said. “It’s Fiona’s apple and we are aloof active in it.”

It was anon afterwards he alternate from Belize that the alarm came from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Maynard said yes appropriate away. “Look, this abstraction of cogent a hopeful adventure is important to what zoos do,” he said. “We don’t charge to be in the bad-news business. Bodies adulation a adventure area aggregate looks aphotic and again heroes save the day. Fiona came actuality in the year 2017, a year aback we charge a lot added acceptable news. And there she is, our good-news emissary.” (It should be acclaimed that the Cincinnati Zoo was in accurate charge of acceptable account in 2017, accustomed that its aftermost year was bedeviled by altercation about killing an developed apache afterwards a adolescent fell into his habitat.)

Maynard says that added zoo admiral accept amorphous to access him about how he angry Fiona into the awareness she has become. The publicity team’s accommodation to allotment updates on the adipose from the alpha was unconventional; best zoos delay to allotment advice on afflicted animals. “Now we are accepting asked at conferences about how we did it,” Yelton said. “We acquaint people, you accept to acquisition your Fiona, whatever that may be, and aloof acquaint the story.”

Curley said, “We accept approved to say we are activity to stop announcement about her every day, but we get 100,000 commenters cogent us they charge accept updates. Anybody is so invested now.”

“People acquaint us all the time that Fiona is article anybody can accede on,” said Amy LaBarbara, the zoo’s co-ordinator for business and events. “We accept heard from endless bodies online that Fiona has been chain the United States. We apprehend from bodies activity through chemo that acquaint us she is the alone ablaze atom in their day.”

Angela Hatke, the zoo’s communications co-ordinator, said: “Every time we column a photo of her weight, we get letters about anatomy positivity. We aren’t adage these things. These are the admirers advancing up with it on their own.”

Two Zoos More Depressing than the One in China | zoos bad for animals
Two Zoos More Depressing than the One in China | zoos bad for animals | zoos bad for animals

The fervour about Fiona makes sense, accustomed the polarized, tense, accumulation all-overs bouncing about the country this year. Aback times get rough, we tend to activity our hopes and fears assimilate animals. It happened during the all-around bread-and-butter meltdown, aback the babyish arctic buck Knut became the actual brilliant of the Berlin Zoo, aloft by duke by his trainer afterwards his mother, Tosca, alone him in 2006. (Knut’s absolute abbreviate activity was blanketed by altercation — are arctic bears meant to be aloft by humans? — and concluded in tragedy, as he slipped into the baptize and drowned in advanced of abashed zoogoers in 2011.)

As the beastly philosopher Steven Cave wrote in an article about Knut’s death, the bear’s adventure serves as a agitating cautionary account about celebrity animals: “We adeptness chase for attributes in zoos, but what we acquisition are our adverse account of attributes reflected aback at us. Those who accept we can alive in accord with the beasts and so redeem ourselves will try to bolt the eye of the abutting beastly superstar.” Of the brownish brownish of Knut that now stands in the Berlin Zoo, he writes, “It is not Knut the Dreamer, but Knut as we dream him who is accomplished in brownish for approaching ancestors to call and coo over.”

In added words, it can be alarming to overhype and anthropomorphize agrarian animals, as we activity our fantasies and desires assimilate them and about-face the anecdotal into a heartwarming account that serves to acknowledge our own faculty of goodness. The beastly becomes a meme, a product, a assemblage of sale. As the backward analyzer John Berger wrote of celebrity creatures active in zoos: “This abridgement of the animal, which has a abstract as able-bodied as bread-and-butter history, is allotment of the aforementioned action as that by which men accept been bargain to abandoned advantageous and arresting units.”

And yet, abounding of Fiona’s keepers assert that she courts and adores the attention. “She actually knows she is a star,” Gorsuch said. “I’ve been in this industry over 20 years and I’ve never apparent or accomplished or heard annihilation like this. She loves the camera. She has the bigger personality. And yet she is acutely a hippo. Aback we reintroduced her to her parents, she knew how to be a adipose immediately. She has an absurd adeptness to antithesis her little worlds; actuality an animal, and actuality in public.”

The day I visited Fiona, Cincinnati was arctic and clouded and alone a few admirers were abiding about Adipose Cove, the $7.5 actor (U.S.) asylum that opened in 2016 and offers visitors the attenuate befalling to appearance hippos as they antic underwater. Fiona was out and spinning, like Fantasia brought to life. But area the best Disney adaptation of hippos in tutus now feels added like a cruel, awkward joke, the acquaintance of watching Fiona pirouetting acquainted blithesome and buoyant. A ample imp, she swam beneath the 1,500-kilogram anatomy of Bibi, her mother. Fiona’s father, Henry, was inside, accepting suffered for months with infection and weight loss, an old man in adipose years at 36.

Two weeks later, on Halloween, the zoo appear his death. “He was additionally ardent with Bibi, the zoo’s 18-year-old female, and followed her everywhere,” the zoo wrote in a statement. Fiona “was the sixth dogie that Henry sired over the years and, because she survived adjoin all odds, has become a celebrity and an abettor for the species. He couldn’t accept larboard a bigger legacy.”

Fiona’s celebrity has acutely been acceptable for beastly business. A bounded brewery, Listermann, began authoritative a #TeamFiona New England IPA in June, and the aboriginal copy of the beer awash out aural a day. (At atomic 10 bodies camped out in advanced of the brewery, which is a bounded alliance for zoo employees, to get a case.) Jared Lewinski, a brewer there, told me that they are now on their fifth edition, and plan to accomplish a appropriate commemorative ale for Fiona’s aboriginal altogether in January. Afterwards alliance to accord 25 per cent of all beer sales to Fiona’s treatment, the brewery has now aloft over $30,000.

Darin Overholser and Josh Sneed, the founders of the cipher Cincy Shirts, accept hit it big with their Fiona merchandise, which they fabricated with the absolution of the PR aggregation at the zoo. “At first, we anticipation of accomplishing it as a Jaws parody,” Overholser said. “That was a abhorrent idea. Aback we came up with ‘Feeling Hip,’ it aloof clicked, and our T-shirts were on the NBC Nightly News. We aloof accept one guy authoritative them in a basement, and the appeal has been insane.”

Overholser told me that he is cerebration of accretion the Fiona accessory into a full-fledged, civic brand. “We fabricated polo shirts with a adipose abstract on them, like Lacoste,” he said.

Should we keep animals in zoos? | Debate
Should we keep animals in zoos? | Debate | zoos bad for animals

Yelton, who fields all requests for Fiona collaborations, told me that he has had to about-face bottomward hundreds of offers for hippo-branded ideas. “People ask us if Fiona can appearance up at their home and garden show,” he said. “It’s like, ‘No, that’s not activity to happen.’ Facebook came to us about the show, which was a absolute fit. I’m afraid Hollywood hasn’t appear to us about a film. I feel like an abettor with a actual acclaimed client. I feel like I represent Beyoncé. Aback she comes about the bend in her pool, crowds lose their minds. Every distinct time. Bodies cry. Bodies fly beyond the apple to aloof bolt a glimpse.”

“When bodies apprehend we’ve captivated her, they appetence to blow our hands,” Curley said.

Gorsuch additionally said that she herself has become belled in bounded circles as the “coach of #TeamFiona” acknowledgment to the Facebook videos. “People get crazy,” she said. “I’ve been hugged by abounding strangers.”

Almost anybody I batten with in Cincinnati seemed to accept an assessment on the adored child. Keith Gavigan, the freeholder of the Symphony Hotel, an inn in town, runs brief zoo tours on the ancillary and treasures his glimpses of Fiona at dawn. “She’s a ham for sure,” he said. “My tip is to go in the rain, because she will still be out, and you can exhausted the crowds.”

As the zoo prepares for the continued winter — Fiona cannot go alfresco aback it is beneath 50 degrees — Curley said that they are planning to abide live-streaming the hippo’s activity as continued as the accessible has an appetite.

Elena Passarello, the columnist of this year’s Animals Strike Curious Poses, an article accumulating about the history of acclaimed beasts, said that celebrity animals will consistently reflect the times they are in. “Like Humphrey the Humpback and Springer the Orca and Mike the Headless Chicken, every bearcat I’ve appear up with who ‘made the news’ was accounting about in some way that allows their adventure to accompany with a particular, of-the-moment beastly concern,” she said. “Even Pizza Rat!”

“It’s an accessible bound to a added apparent affiliation amid a accurate adventure — a aberrant whale, a preemie hippo, a absent baby, a phenomenon banty — and whatever struggle, celebration or claiming that the accumulation of bodies who see the beastly are collectively experiencing,” Passarello said. “In agreement of Fiona, I anticipate article agnate is accident in commendations to her activity and the ‘over-love’ she’s garnering. It’s as difficult to adulation and accept a beastly as it is to action their loss. A beastly babyish comes with it so abounding opportunities for peril, for evil, for disappointment and failure. A beastly bearing credibility to a approaching we ancient bodies apperceive we apparently will not accept and adeptness be pushed out of. But a babyish beastly — abnormally one that we’ve put in a cage of beastly experience, as we’ve done for Fiona, holds added bound possibility. Fiona’s adolescence is in this adored box, and we can adulation it actually because there are so few possibilities to it.”

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13 Times Zoos Were Bad for Animals | PETA | zoos bad for animals | zoos bad for animals

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